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Our professional jewellery workshop is available to book for up to two people (age 14+) - make some wonderful jewellery for yourself, for a special gift or perhaps for you and your bridesmaids to wear on your special day?


Workshop experience vouchers are also available & make great gifts for any "crafty" people or those who perhaps want to "try out" jewellery making before taking the plunge to study the art.


A day making spent making jewellery is very rewarding, you will have a fantastic time working alongside each other and our goldsmith and of course have a unique piece of jewellery to treasure!


Before your booked workshop, you have a design appointment with Richard discussing the metals that you can use and the jewellery you would like to make; for example, a ring, pendant, bangle or bracelet. There are a surprising number of designs that you can achieve using precious metal in wire, sheet and melted forms, such as filigree, combining different precious metals, even incorporating semi-precious gemstones. Importantly, at this appointment Richard makes sure that your aspirations are achievable.


On the workshop day, Richard explains the equipment and tools that you will be using and introduces you to your workbench.  From then on you are wholly responsible for making your jewellery but, don’t worry, we won’t let you mess up. Through demonstration and instruction, by the end of the day your design will look as good as any hand-made jewellery you could buy.


Your time in our workshop is not prescriptive – you are not in a lecture class, you are having fun making your jewellery under Richard’s guidance. The workshop is booked solely for your use from 10.30am through until 5pm with lunch provided around 1pm.


At the end of the day your jewellery is yours to take home - unless you want it hallmarked/engraved or something.  


The price for the workshop, Richard’s guidance, lunch and photos of the day for 1-2 people is £275.  Hallmarking is £40, engraving from £40


The cost of your jewellery depends upon precious metal price and the gemstones you incorporate.  These change daily so the cost of the jewellery is wholly dependent upon the price that day but we shall quote you a fixed price at your design appointment with Richard. As an example - £100 of Sterling Silver is enough to make a small bangle and a ring.



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Our new jeweller competition entries are now on display in store!

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