Ethically sourced stones and Fairtrade Gold.

As a specialist in certified diamonds, we go to great lengths to ensure that each of the diamonds we sell has been ethically sourced. We guarantee that every diamond we sell has not been used to fund wars or insurgencies (stones that are known as conflict, or blood diamonds) and has been scrutinized by our very own, highly skilled gemologists.


In 2002 governments around the world implemented the Kimberly Process; an agreement that controls the trade of rough diamonds to ensure they are not used in areas of conflict. These controls ensure that every shipment contains only certified diamonds, is numbered and sealed.

We are committed to eliminating the trade in conflict diamonds and have an auditable means by which we can prove that all the diamonds we sell comply with the Kimberley Process.

You can buy diamonds and jewellery with the confidence that your purchase is genuine, traceable and of the best quality. If you would like to know more about how our diamonds are certified or you would like more information about this please feel free to get in touch.

Please only buy from a legitimate source and help us stop the trade in Conflict Diamonds.


Our wedding bands can also be hand made here in Cornwall from Fairtrade Gold, please call or pop in for a chat for further details.

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We are trialling Tuesdays as appointment only days - so everyone gets the time and attention they deserve when choosing their perfect piece of jewellery. You can book in advance or call on the day to check for availability. 

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