Making treasures last generations.

Our in house workshop is just above the store in Truro. Using traditional and state of the art techniques, with over 60 years combined experience, our goldsmiths can make your designs a reality or restore a treasured piece of jewellery. 


Adjustments and repairs.

Your rings and jewellery can be adjusted or repaired here without the worry and time of sending it away. You can even meet the goldsmith who will carry out the work. Rhodium plating and ring sizing can be done on the same day.

Re-modelling and re-setting. 

Your treasured or heirloom gemstones can be reset into a modern mount, or a replica of a worn or damaged original can be made. We can also take your gold and forge you a new ring - a lovely idea for wedding rings made from family gold. 

Restoration & the unusual.

From restoring antique jewellery and silverware to polishing and finishing medical prototypes, our goldsmiths can give anything a new lease of life. If you think we could do it, we probably can!

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